For most people,设计自己的网站或做任何与Web开发相关的事情是一项艰巨而可怕的任务,xf115兴发手机版尤其是如果你对所有这些网络东西都不熟悉。如果你在寻找最好的网页设计软件,then you are probably feeling a little confused as to where you start with building your own xf115兴发手机版website.

Well fear no more.我创建此指南是为了向您展示你可以创建自己的网站,xf115兴发手机版,你可以编辑内容,添加图像,amend files via FTP.With the help of some free and paid web design software and tools,当涉及到Web开发和设计时,您可以做任何事情。

With web design softwareYOUcan do the tasks that you would normally have to outsource to a网站开发者或者你所在公司的其他部门。It empowers you to create,edit and update web pages with ease.If you're a web designer with no coding experience,you can now edit or create web pages using WYSIWYG editors.



Best Web Design Helpers Tools & 兴发网页登录Resources

Best Web Design Inspiration 兴发网页登录Resources

Best Web Design & Development Software ( Free & Paid )

Adobe Dreamweaver
(Paid software – buy individually –每月19.99美元起)

Dreamweaver is the daddy of web design tools.它一直存在,并且已经发展成为Web设计和开发行业中非常强大的工具。

它为用户提供了一个非常灵活和直观的平台,在这个平台上你可以从头到脚设计和构建一个网站。xf115兴发手机版It has a code editors and live views which gives an ideal environment for both beginners and pros to work on their xf115兴发手机版websites in.

如果只是编辑你想要的网页,the Dreamweaver is excellent for that.You can easily connect to servers,将文件下载到本地驱动器,amend content,然后上传回服务器。


You can get Dreamweaver as part of the wholeAdobe Creative Cloud软件包起价仅为每月49.99美元或者你只需Dreamweaver每月19.99美元.

WebFlow ( Free to $35 per month )

WebFlow is an incredibly easy to use,responsive web design tool that has an intuitive interface that's perfect for designers,web entrepreneurs,有创意的专业人士和网络新手可以创建一个在所有设备上都很好看的网站。xf115兴发手机版

WebFlow不仅是一种网页设计工具,but it's also a CMS and a hosting platform,which means that you can do everything under one roof,rather than having to move your design / xf115兴发手机版website to another hosting provider once you're finished.

The big plus about using WebFlow is that it's user-friendly to those of us who don't have a clue about coding.您可以创建和更新您的站点,而无需触摸任何代码。万岁!!!!

Adobe Muse–(付费软件–单独购买–每月19.99美元起)

If you love using Adobe Photoshop and consider yourself more of a front end / graphics designer rather than a web designer / developer,then you will love Adobe Muse.也,if you find that your strengths are creating xf115兴发手机版websites with stunning looks,但在网站建设上却一败涂地,xf115兴发手机版那么,AdobeMuse是一款可以提供帮助的软件。You can literally design and build a xf115兴发手机版website at the same time.NO need for coding skills here.

Adobe Muse is a xf115兴发手机版website builder that is very different to the normal drag and drop web builder that you get with platforms like Wix and Weebly.它更针对缺乏编程能力的图形和前端设计师,使他们的设计变得生动,但具备在Adobe Photoshop和Firewalk中创建设计的技能。

像Dreamweaver一样,Adobe Muse可在Adobe Creative Cloud订阅每月仅需19.99美元,或每月49.99美元购买所有应用程序。


Like Adobe Muse,Macaw is targeted towards designers who can't code.金刚鹦鹉,you can create your own beautiful xf115兴发手机版website without the need to ever delve into any code.既用了麝香又用了金刚鹦鹉,我不得不说,Macaw是两个程序中最简单、最直观的一个。


你所做的一切都可以实时查看,通过试错法构建网站的过程,xf115兴发手机版an absolute walk in the park.




Sketch as plenty of features for complete novice web builders to get excited about.It has an incorporated CSS logic function which enables you to easily convert your designs into CSS,as well as an Automatic Slicing tool which takes the effort out of manually slicing your designs.


在草图中创建资源很容易,只需单击一次即可导出到各种格式和大小。您可以像在AdobeIllustrator这样的矢量程序中一样轻松地编辑元素。The whole platform is very intuitive like Photoshop,but a lot easier to understand and use.

总的来说,素描是一个网页设计工具的野兽,也是一个可以让所有能力的设计师受益的工具。除了缺乏与PC的兼容性之外,素描没有真正的缺点。Mac only I'm afraid.

Marvel ( Free – $14 p/m – $56 p/m )

A great tool for bringing your digital ideas to life.和大多数设计师一样,他们擅长设计,但当涉及到编码他们的想法时,they hit a brick wall and have to outsource.

Marvel为用户提供了一个“无代码”原型工具,填补了这个过程中的空白。It completely transforms images and sketches into interactive prototypes.What you are left with is a prototype that actually looks,感觉和功能就像一个真正的网站。xf115兴发手机版

Pricing for Marvel App

marvel app pricing

One little downside to this software is the reliance on Dropbox.您需要连接到Dropbox帐户才能使用Marvel。一旦你把它和你的Dropbox连接起来,Marvel will then collect all the files needed to create your xf115兴发手机版website or app.

Marvel works from your PSD files,which is then placed into the Marvel dashboard,我必须说,这是超直观和美丽的使用。然后,您可以像使用传统的HTML Web生成器那样将页面热链接在一起。

Some really useful features of Marvel include:

– The ability to create transitions between links/pages
– Easy to share ideas with work colleagues,with excellent commenting functionality.
– User testing tools for iOS

Adobe Photoshop – (Paid software –Creative Cloud Photography plan $9.99 per month

这是任何Web设计器工具箱中的必备项。Photoshop is an extremely versatile piece of kit and can be used for any aspect of design,不仅仅是摄影和网页设计。在句子中,Photoshop is a photo-editing,图形设计和数字图像创建软件。

The software uses a layer based editing functionality which gives the user the ability to create images,对图像的不同层和方面应用过滤器,add masks and filters,阴影等等。You can adjust absolutely any aspect of an image,illustration or graphic.For example,you could adjust saturation of colors,颜色,模糊,contrast,tone,sharpness….the list is endless.

You can pretty much design your whole xf115兴发手机版website with Photoshop,then export to programs like Macaw or Fireworks to bring your creation to life.You can create web graphics from scratch and accurately layout web templates.

It's the market leader in image editing software and is used by million and millions of designers,全世界的摄影师和艺术家。

Photoshop is one of these tools that requires a certain level of understanding,as it's a very hands on programme.It's not something that you can quickly pick up,所以我建议你在youtube上学习一些关于程序某些方面的photoshop教程,以便真正充分利用它。

尽管有轻微的学习曲线,Photoshop is well worth having even if you're just optimizing web images (which is a very simple task to do).With Photoshop you can pretty much undertake any design project.

You can get your hands on Adobe Photoshop via Adobe's monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions which starts at just $19.99 per month.


如果你不想支付Adobe Photoshop的费用,then there are a few good free alternatives.Gimp是其中之一,也是我最喜欢的免费Photoshop替代品。

GIMP是免费的,open source image editor and is available on GNU/Linux,OS X和Windows操作系统。

现在Gimp很好,but it doesn't have even a tenth of the features that Adobe Photoshop has.But there's enough on there for you to use in order to get on with your design projects or creating graphics / images for your new xf115兴发手机版website.


I can't believe this is actually a FREE tool!Pictacule是一个在线图像颜色工具,帮助您为您的网站选择很棒的调色板,xf115兴发手机版landing page,博客等。


pictaculous colors scheme



WAMP / MAMP ( Free and Premium options available )




WAMP用于Windows,MAMP是该软件的Mac版本。There are both Free and Premium versions available.

Adobe Fireworks– (Paid software – $19.99 per month)

Fireworks is another Adobe app available on a subscription with Adobe Creative Cloud.它是一款值得信赖的软件,拥有世界各地的网页设计师。

Fireworks allows you to create xf115兴发手机版websites and highly optimized graphics for web,在矢量和位图环境中完全可编辑。You can import Photoshop and Illustrator files into Fireworks and apply behaviors to objects,add pages,层,states and symbols to simulate interactivity to your wire-frames and prototypes.

In short,Fireworks will take your graphic design project and turn it into an interactive web prototype.您可以将烟花PNG导出到HTML和CSS。


有时候是免费的工具比付费的工具更足智多谋。Lightshot is one of those very useful free tools that make the life of a designer just that more easier.

Lightshot是Mac和Win的屏幕截图工具,可能是网络上最好的屏幕截图软件。It's really useful if you're working in collaboration with others and you want to share with them your work in progress.

Lightshot易于使用,并与您的操作系统无缝集成。You use exactly that same keyboard shortcut to activate Lightshot as you would with the built in version.(Cmd + Shift + 9 on Mac or Print Screen on Win)

When the tool is activated,使用Lightshot可以突出显示要截图的区域,然后将其保存到本地驱动器或与其他人共享。It also lets you add in text,arrows and annotations to help explain the screenshot you're sending,或者只是做笔记。

Best Web Design Helpers & 兴发网页登录Resources

即使是最有才华的网页设计师也需要不时的帮助。With this list that I have put together,you will find a treasure trove of web design 兴发网页登录resources to help you succeed with your xf115兴发手机版website or design project.来自PSD。文件夹,actions and UI elements to xf115兴发手机版website templates,实物模型还有更多!!


一些非常酷的网站模型的PSD文件,xf115兴发手机版图标,用户界面工具包和加载更多的免费内容。Ideal if you have a creative block and need a bit of help.


我讨厌在photoshop或fireworks中为我的网站模板设xf115兴发手机版置指南。I just can't seem to get them right first time.That's why GuideGuide is great!这一切都是为你做的,你可以将它们导出到Photoshop或Illustrator中。



A great resource for downloading textures and images for xf115兴发手机版website backgrounds.


If you want to go a bit more subtle with your web backgrounds,然后这个网站就为你提供了图片。精致的图案有一个巨大的高质量图案库供你下载。

What The Font??

There's been so many times when I've seen a font and wondered just what the hell it is.有了这个方便的工具,你可以简单地上传一个你喜欢的字体的截图,它会与你喜欢的字体或相似的字体匹配。Cool!!


UI Cloud is the biggest collection of FREE interface design elements in the world.有近5万个用户界面元素和1200多个用户界面工具包。这里有很多灵感!!



需要一个显示器或笔记本电脑的好图像叠加到?Then check out this stunning Macbook Air and Thunderbolt Display PSD download pack.它完全免费供您下载,由天才设计师Jozef Mak创作。


Awesome collection of  ‘freebies' from mock ups,文本效果模板。在这里加载元素以向您的网站添加巧妙的设计功能。xf115兴发手机版

Graphic Burger

High quality design 兴发网页登录resources that are free to download and use,比如用户界面工具包,backgrounds,模型,图标,text effects and much much more.


Pixel Buddha is full to the brim of awesome design elements.Some are free,most are premium.Really high quality design 兴发网页登录resources available to download and use on your web or graphic design projects.


Don't you just hate looking at a blank screen at the start of a design project?It's the one thing I hated when I was a full time designer.没有任何设计灵感流过你的血管,这不是一个设计师应该开始一个项目的方式。

这就是为什么我创建了这个最佳地点列表来从中获得一些设计灵感。每当我需要提升设计创造力时,我去了下面列出的几个网站。With these sites bookmarked,你将有一个源源不断的想法来呼吁和设计网站,xf115兴发手机版graphics a walk in the park.

Site Inspire

我最喜欢的网站从中获得设计灵感。xf115兴发手机版If you're running low on creative juices,那么这个站点应该是您的第一个调用端口。提交场地的设计质量均为最优等。你不会找到比这更好的网页设计灵感网站。


从获奖网站获得灵感,这些网站因其创造力而备受赞誉,xf115兴发手机版innovation and functionality.


A great resource for design inspiration and one that can also help you learn different techniques and skills from other designers.同时也是询问各种设计问题的好地方。


如果您在产品登录页上工作,这是一个理想的资源。There's so many examples of exceptionally designed and built sales landing pages which can help you create one of your own.


This web design inspiration site gives you a daily dose of amazing UI app and xf115兴发手机版website designs.Like Site Inspire,这个网站有高质量的例子,你可以从中获得很多设计灵感。

One Page Love

If you're working on a one page xf115兴发手机版website or sales landing page,then you will love this site.它充满了单页网站的惊人例子,这些网站在设计和创新方面都有着巨大的突破。xf115兴发手机版Check out One Page Love and be inspired to create more visually appealing and user-friendly one page xf115兴发手机版websites.




One of the best 兴发网页登录resources for mobile interface design inspiration.移动接口示例的加载,forms,buttons and many more design elements for mobile.

The Starter Kit

对网页设计师和网页开发人员来说都是非常有用的资源。网站设计实例的精选集,UI工具包,图标,buttons etc.这里有很多东西,you could literally spend all day fuelling up on creative juices!!

Still A Bit Confused?Let Me Shed Some Light!!

This section is designed to make your life even more simpler when it comes to web design and building your own site.If you've read through this post and still find yourself in a conundrum about what tool or software to use,then read on.I have all your questions answered right here!!!!

A: WordPress and hosting from东家or主持人.

Q: I just want to create a really simple xf115兴发手机版website.我该用什么??
答:WordPress。自己主持东家or主持人.退房my tutorialfor more details.



A: WordPress,GIMP,WAMP,WebFlow。